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Due to the Governmental restrictions of this business and its certifications AND with the spring's unforeseen situations ALL resulting from the Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic on our Governing Agencies, we have experienced enrollment decline below a sustainable level.  THEREFORE, DTC has suspended all operations.  

LUBBOCK, We thank you for your patronage and support!  We hope to be back soon......

Contact Us if you are a previous client needing completion paperwork.............We are happy to help!  

Thanks for submitting!

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Just recently welcomed into the Lubbock Business Hall of Fame!

Drive Trainers Campus, Inc is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Lubbock Award for eight consecutive years in Lubbock. This distinction has qualified Drive Trainers Campus, Inc for the 2021 Lubbock Business Hall of Fame.  THANK YOU LUBBOCK CITIZENS FOR YOUR VOTE OF CONFIDENCE!!!