Alcohol and Drug Education for Minors course 
6 hour 2 day course for Offender Education


Gotten a citation for DUI or DWI by Minor, Open Container, Minor in Possession, etc. while under the age of 21?  Have No Fear.  We will help you with that violation, and with your other requirements as well.  

The registration for this class must be approved by the court prior to enrollment.  Course Certificate is earned only  by attending both first and second sessions: ALL 6 hours of attendance in one scheduled class section, AND, a passing grade on Homework and on the comprehensive final exam is required in order to receive a completion certificate for the court.  Certificates are issued during your personal Exit Interview.

This course may also be approved by your insurance agent as a course to earn a discount on automobile insurance policies.  A completion certificate for your insurance agent may also be provided.  Check first with your agent for discounts available.  The additional certificate will be a cost of $25.00.



This is NOT the course for Adult violations under the DWI charges court ordered requirements.   

For information finding those course providers, the TDLR (Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation) website can help.  

Registration Requirements
Registration Forms to Submit