Adult Driver One on One

Our trained, certified instructors are more than happy to provide excellent roadway driving practice for you in one of our Ford Fusion vehicle fleet.  

You may be picked up at your home, school, or work, OR meet at our Drive Trainers campus location to leave out from there onto the road in our vehicles. An extra fee of $15 per drive applies for pick up and drop off for any lesson appointment time. 

Our regulations require that this training is one on one with the instructor; no other persons are allowed to be present in the car, due to insurance requirements. 

Our insurance agreements also require that you have been one of our classroom students BEFORE you get behind the wheel of any of our vehicles.  You may take the ADE License Preparation course ($75), or a Defensive Driving course ($30) to satisfy this requirement.  Automobile Insurance Discounts for graduates of ADE 18-24 License Preparation Course are not available, Although, after completing the Defensive Driving course in our classroom, you WILL BE eligible for up to a 10% DISCOUNT on your personal vehicle insurance.  Once complete with your classroom course, you may purchase your training hours in our vehicles ($50/hour).  Simply having a Learner's License issued from a DPS written test is not enough to satisfy our policy agreements.          LINK TO DEFENSIVE DRIVING CLASSES and Registration

     In Order to Contract and Register for BTW Instructor led lessons:

     1. Come in to the office during office hours.

     2.  Bring three forms of adult Identifying documents.

     3.  Present your Drive Trainers Classroom Course completion certificate to enter into our contract.

     4.  Present your Texas Driver License (restriction code B) file copy.

     5.  Make a down payment of half of your tuition for contracts over 2 hours in length. 

    In Order to Schedule your BTW Instructor led lessons:

     1.  Contract with our office assistants for lessons.

     2.  Pay required tuition at time of contract.

     3.  Leave copies of all required documents with your contract.

     4.  Provide the Office Administrators your next four weeks of availability for driving lesson times. 

     5.  CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON OUR SCHEDULING SYSTEM: using our school number (C-2318). Wait 48 hours for your account validation; then, return to the site to schedule your purchased drive lessons. 

Drivers with little to no roadway experience should expect to spent a minimum of 8 hours in Behind the Wheel training before they are ready to complete a DPS roadway examination for their permanent unrestricted license. 

Experienced drivers, with a fair amount of skill, or not very recent practice, may take only 4 hours of Behind the Wheel instruction as a refresher training before completing a DPS roadway examination for their permanent unrestricted license. 

Any Adult Driver Education student of Drive Trainers may complete a roadway examination at DTC inc. for their license in our Ford Fusion fleet, after completing their Impact Texas Young Driver's DPS online course and bringing in their certificate of completion and 3 other valid forms of ID or certification allowing them to behind the wheel test.

   TESTING REQUIREMENT: 2 hr. Impact Texas Drivers DPS Online video course.   WEBLINK  (our LICENSED school: C2318)

Upon your passing the DPS road test with us, you are invited to be our guest for our Driving Safety Course. This course is included with any of our adult programs and is free of charge within 6 months of your contract start date.  Insurance only discount will be issued!  After completing the Defensive Driving classroom course you will be eligible for up to a 10% DISCOUNT on your auto insurance. Your savings on auto insurance premiums over three years may be as high as $150.00 or more. (Please check with your insurance carrier for individual requirements.)

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