Phase II = 14 IN CAR training hours in 7 drive appointment days; 2 hours per session, but not on consecutive days. Drive Scheduling LINK
  • Some Students take a bit extra instruction with a license trainer to become proficient in the busy tasks of Behind the Wheel Driver Education.  If that is your student, We can help!  You are welcome to call our office, or come in to add some of those extra hours of training to your contract to make for a very safe driver in your teen!  A simple hourly rate applies, and use of our fleet of vehicles, with one of our licensed instructors will be scheduled for you.  
  • As part of the Drive Trainers commitment to you, we will NOT exit a any student after their 7 hours of required instruction that we do not believe is ready to take their Public Safety Road Test.  If they are in need of additional work with an instructional specialist, they will be required to schedule a one on one hour of instruction and another mock DPS licensing test before they "graduate" from our 32/7/7/ or our Trans 7/7 programs! A standard hourly rate will apply. 
Phase III = 30 in car home practice hours, 10 after nightfall, and not more than 1 hour per day; 
  • HOME PRACTICE may be done by any eligible 21 yr old Texas Driver with the clear safety responsibility on his/her Motor Vehicle Driving Record, and at least one year of licensed experience. 
  • Parents/Guardians may enlist another person to complete these hours with their teen.  We have willing adults to provide these practice hours in our vehicles should you desire some added help who are not licensed instructional specialists.
FINAL PHASE = 2 hr. Impact Texas Teen Drivers DPS Online video course.   WEBLINK  (our LICENSED school: C2318)
You will be eligible to complete your full Driver Licensing in Texas after the Final Phase is complete, your Learner's Phase is over, you are 16, and you ROADWAY TEST with a Texas DL Examiner.  DTC is also a TPST (Third Party Skills Test location for the DL Roadway TEST!  (Register with us, and avoid those wait times at the DPS.)

Additional Instructional hours in Phase II of Driver Ed