our Driving Safety Courses

Roadway Safety is an ever growing issue in our world today, with the addition of freeways and expressways and with the influx of so many new modern vehicle technologies joining the roadways daily.  In the past 25 years, the US has seen its numbers of vehicles quadruple on our highways and in our cities.  SAFETY TRAINING ONLY MAKES SENSE, DOLLARS AND CENTS! 


Corporations and Government Organizations are working diligently to train all their employees in Safe Driving techniques to decrease violations and corporate fleet insurance costs.   

Our trained instructors will be happy to write and present a safety course specific to your business needs, and administer a wonderfully engaging course of your choice length.  Certificates of completion are available. 


Any individual Driving Ticket expense can be huge, even after the ticket is handled at the court--its effects are felt through vehicle insurance premiums, license surcharges and costly collision repairs by everyone on the roadways.

We offer many classroom presentation opportunities for ticket dismissal for all Moving Violations, including Seatbelt instances, and Minors involved in Alcohol and Drug related offenses.  Each of those courses may offer discount certificates for helping on those costly Insurance bills too.

Drive Trainers also partners with Online course affiliates to provide all the most convenient methods of ticket dismissal classes, in both English and Spanish!  If we do not have a classroom presentation for your needs, we will definitely provide you with a method of internet home access course to best meet your deadlines, simply because YOU asked.  


Call upon us for all your driving needs--if we can't help you we can send you to where someone can!​

DTC inc. is a 21st C. facility offering all classroom presentation, online, specialized one on one, and distance learning solutions for all its clients.