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Everyday we receive calls about further information we might have and be able to provide to clients regarding related areas to the Driving Industry.  We love finding the answers to your questions, or directing you to where you can access the info you need, and the help of a trained individual! 

Here are LINKS to sites compiled to share with you as references for those many questions we answer: 


Municipal Court

“I'm so glad that I called you guys.  I couldn't find anyone else to help me, and you took the time to explain and direct me to find how to register my vehicle after my move!  Thanks so much for the info.”

Devony G., New to Lubbock resident

“ I volunteer at a youth center with a Winter health class where we are currently discussing the risks of drugs and alcohol. The kids have been tasked with an assignment to find resources online that are related to the topic.
The kids came across your web page while looking for information. We want to say thank you!.”

Rachel M., Teacher

"What a no-brainer to go to you guys to class, and then to road test at license time!  I'm so glad I found this option for my teenager."

Jonathan T., happy Parent