ALL STUDENTS, regardless of age, must practice behind the wheel to increase their skill.  These hourly drives are more than that.  They are with a licensed certified instructional expert who will guide the student through all the skills required to accomplish the roadway licensure test successfully. Use of school vehicle fleet, fuel, insurance, and instructor covered in each purchased hour. 

**If a student fails their final 7th mock test drive in a 32/7/7/30 package contract, this fee will also apply for student to return and be tested and instructed again by the school administrators.


Current COVID 19 OFFICE HOURS:  4p - 7p, M - F
closed weekends
SUMMER OFFICE HOURS:  M - F  10a - 8p; SAT. 8a-2p
FALL/SPRING OFFICE HOURS:   M - F 3p - 8p; SAT. 8a-1p

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