ROADWAY Driver License Test


Thank you for considering our alternative to long DPS lines and considerable wait times for ROADWAY testing! 

     Our office hours have changed, and We are only open during the week M - F  11a - 3pm to handle contracts, etc in the office. EXAMINATIONS MAY BE HANDLED AT DIFFERENT TIMES THAN THOSE OF THE OFFICE HOURS.     

DO NOT COME IN TO THE OFFICE, but instead, you will submit all documentation to us by email to acquire an appointment to Roadway Behind the Wheel test.   All Examinations are provided by appointment only.  

Our Examiner will have to be out on the road testing in the vehicle, masked, AND your 1/2hr appointment time/meeting time at the school will be specific to you.  YOU WILL MEET IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING IN YOUR CAR.   

**Please bring your own BLACK INK PEN, and wait in your car at the given appointment time for your examiner to COME TO YOU. 

Please be advised that contact will remain to a minimum. WE WILL TEST IN OUR VEHICLES ONLY.   
We will disinfect OUR cars before and after each use by an examinee. 
Roadway Test Examiner will wear a face mask and be in charge of the key fobs of our vehicles. 



Once the test is complete, your Examiner will go back into the office alone, seal your documents for submission to the state office,
and then return them to you in your vehicle with completion instructions for your license application to Texas DPS field office of your choice.  

To take our sealed envelope with exam in it in to a DPS field office, you MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A "RENEWAL" LICENSE APPLICATION.  Secure the TX DPS APPOINTMENT AT THIS SITE:

All the required documents MUST BE UNsealed by the DPS at your appointment. 

TAKE with you to the DPS appointment:  1.  3 official forms of Identification documents   2.  Application fees   3.  Your sealed envelope. 

* By Registering with a Third Party Skills Test provider, this in no way ensures the Examinee will pass the Roadway Skills Behind the Wheel Test.
 No other assurances appear here within beyond the test appointment and processing of required documents. 

I.  SUBMIT a TPST registration agreement: form linked HERE  Complete this form entirely.  If you are not sure of a day you want for the test, put "first available".  If you are not sure of your DE-964 or ADE-1317 number, place this in the spot: 00000000.  All test registrations require you to register and agree to the terms of this test time appointment before we can serve you.   


II.  PURCHASE YOUR SERVICE FROM US:  A roadway test is $60 for Drive Trainers students and $65 for those who did not participate in our driver education courses (TEENS) or $70 for adults not taking a course with Drive Trainers at all.  This payment and all registration documents  must be fully complete in order to be scheduled. All payments are expected in advance of appointment.  TAKE A COPY OF OR A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR RECEIPT, and submit it to us (#8 in the list of submission documents below).  

>>Process your Payment for this service on our website:  
    ***In the payment processing screen you will place "TPST" into the spaces asking for class code, date, and time.  If you have any concerns, you may also place XXXXXX or OOOOOO in those unknown spaces. Your payment being for a Test appt. will be understood!
   OR, you may use these alternate payment methods if they are easier for you:  

   1.  VENMO to @DriveTrainers-campus


   3.  Google Pay to:  

   4.  CashApp to:  $OZbound

   5.  ZELLE payment transfer (from your bank account) to 806.559.7002


    [All test registrations require you to send in READABLE pictures or scans of ALL the below list, as applicable]

1.  FRONT AND BACK of the test recipient's Driver Learner License.

2.  2 other forms of ID, such as Birth Certificate and Social Security card.

3.  IMPACT completion certificate, SIGNED by both parent, and student, or by adult student, as applicable. 

4.  YOUR Driver Education course certificate of completion.  Teens get a DE964 form; Adults get an ADE1317 form. 

5.  Your 30 hour practice log from home practiced hours in the vehicle, signed by trainer parent. (Teens only)

6.  A Verification of Enrollment (Teens only)
**You should be able to acquire a VOE from the school attendance office by calling them in advance; OR> if possible print a copy of the grades and attendance from Semester that are showing in the online gradebook program during the summer.

7.  A Roadway Test form DL-40, signed and completed by hand  (link to download form) It will be notarized by your examiner at DTC. 

8.  Payment RECEIPT COPY for method of payment to connect your processing place to your registration. (Do NOT send your documents without your payment receipt.  This will hold up the process of scheduling your roadway test at minimum an additional day.) 

IV.  WATCH YOUR EMAIL CLOSELY FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS FOR RESPONSES FROM OUR EXAMINER REGARDING THESE DOCUMENT SUBMISSIONS.  .  .  We will place you in a SCHEDULED ROAD TEST SPACE for a 45mins. appointment time (test only takes up to 30 mins), as soon as we have received your test fee AND all the required documents for review.   **If you desire a specific date for roadway testing, rather than the date 24 hours after your review of documents, please state that in your email when sending your documents for review.  

THEN, Further specific appointment time instructions, INCLUDING A TEST DATE AND TIME, will be provided to you by email after document review, expecting you to accept your appointment time.   **Please understand that you will be expected to respond to accept to that time slot within 24 hours, or an additional fee may be charged for a new time slot.  

If we can be of any further assistance, please let THE EXAMINER know:

Current COVID 19 OFFICE HOURS:  4p - 7p, M - F
closed weekends
SUMMER OFFICE HOURS:  M - F  10a - 8p; SAT. 8a-2p
FALL/SPRING OFFICE HOURS:   M - F 3p - 8p; SAT. 8a-1p

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