Young Drivers ALIVE AT 25 Defensive Driving
4 hour ticket dismissal course

In recent years, Texas has seen a huge increase in the amount and quality of training the drivers on the roadway acquire in order to be safety conscious defensive 21st C. drivers.  The young driver makes up only 14 percent of the roadway users, but 27% of those involved in dangerous and fatal crashes.   FATAL DRIVING COLLISIONS IS THE #1 CAUSE OF DEATH OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE U.S.


In 2011, the Texas Legislature agreed that new drivers, between the ages of 15 and 25 are involved in a huge amount of needless crashes.  The state of Texas responded with creating the defensive driving course "TX Young Drivers Defensive Driving" or 'Alive at 25' (National Safety Council course) that courts could require of teens who are causing dangerous situations on the roadway, or who are habitual cited offenders.  This 4 hour training is in addition to sending them to the 6 hour adult Defensive Driving course, and the information is unique.  


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